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Corporate Social Responsibility

If you want to get really stuck in and experience our work then why not come and volunteer with us?
We are always looking to partner with organisations who want to make a positive impact on society.
Whether it be through providing equipment for the children, training our staff, assisting us financially or spending time with the children themselves, we would be delighted to have you on board…

Founder's Message

Nayi Soch Naya Kadam provides livelihoods with dignity for resource-poor women living in urban areas in India.

Our aim is to level the employment field for disadvantaged women by providing bold livelihoods options that enhance women economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their families.

By helping women acquire non-traditional livelihoods with dignity, we are ultimately developing a cadre of empowered women who become agents of change. These women carry values of inclusion, mutual respect and equality, and democratise the spaces in which they live, whether it`s their family or community.